Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday! Mel

Yesterday was Mel's 4 years old birthday! Instead of dry food , she had a delicious birthday dinner. She had tuna with mussel can food and couple pieces of her favorite treats as topping. Mel was so happy and finished everything in 10 minutes! Usually she only finished half of her food and she eats sloooooow.

We really hope that she get stronger in order to fight the disease. About 9 months ago, she started to show problem of balancing. We took her to the vet and the doctor said that she is very likely to have brain tumor but need further brain scan to confirm. However, the doctor visit and medication already cost us lots of money, it is very sad that we can not afford her to have a brain scan. So far, the medication does help a little bit and improves her walks. It is good that she doesn't show sign of pain except the balancing problem. She is still a happy sweet cat. We really hope that she get better or at least her problem won't get worse. We LOVE you Mel~~

Friday, August 10, 2007

Knifty Knitter - Dog Sweater!

I'm addicted to the Knifty Knitter! At first I bought this because I have limited skills in knitting and don't know how to knit something round like a hat. I was curious and thought this might work, so I bought the smallest blue Knifty Knitter looms to make baby hats for my coming baby~ Wow, I couldn't believe I made two perfect baby hats in an hour! ( I usually make mistakes in counting or drop stitches and formed holes on my scarfs. lol)

Yesterday, while I was shopping in JO-ANN and thinking what color of yarn to buy I saw this free dog sweater patterns. I tried the pattern by using some left over yarn that I have because I know I might not success the first time. Instead of using the Shaggy yarn for the collar, I mixed two strands of light yarn and make a brim (just like making a brim on a hat) as the collar of the sweater. The finished product is not perfect..and it's too small for my FAT girl. She has BIG chest and fat hip... Well.. it's still a great experiment, and it only took me half a day to finish. I had never made something that complicated and I will not give up, I will try again. :) I took couple pictures of Coco wearing the sweater and I have to take it off from her since she seems not too happy wearing it. It is too tight. lol

By the way, the Knifty Knitter Assorted Loom Series are now on sale in JO-ANN! Originally $25, and now is only $14.99! The bundle include 1 long loom, 2 round looms, 1 flower loom, 1 hook, and 1 needle.

In case for those who can't find this dog sweater pattern in your local JO-ANN fabric and craft stores. I put the pattern here. I'm sure for those who are expert in knitting or crochet can easily alter this pattern and make it a even better doggies sweater~

Dog Sweater Pattern from JO-ANN

Fits 15-20 lbs dog


  • 8" Knifty Knitter Loom, red (8")
  • Knifty Knitter hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • 1 skein Sensations Shaggy Yarn
  • 1 skein Caron Simply Soft Yarn

  1. Following manufacturer's instructions, wrap Shaggy yarn on Knifty Knitter using the entire ring. Knit 10 rows to form the collar.

  2. Switch to Simply Softy and continue knitting another 10 rows.

  3. To form holes for legs, knit only pegs 1 through 9. Knit back and forth* for 9 rows.

  4. Cut yarn leaving 4" length.

  5. Beginning on the 10th peg, knit through stopping on the 31st peg.

  6. Again knit back and forth * for 9 rows.

  7. On the next row, knit all the way around and continue for another 12 rows.

  8. Cast off pegs 1 through 9 and decrease 3 stitches on each side.

  9. Knit 8 more rows to form sweater lower back, should be 16 pegs.

  10. Cast off and weave in any yarn ends.

*when knitting the rows backward, flip the yarn as you cast on.

HAVE FUN! I would love to see pictures of other's knitted dog sweater too~ :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Family Picture

Let me introduce you our family of TWO DOGS and FIVE CATS.

They are all about 2 and helf yrs old except Siu Q. She is already 7 years old , she doesn't quite get along with other cats, but she is still playful and sweet~ Zane and Siu Mi love to hug each other to sleep. ( both of them are boys though.. hehe) Bobo is a British short hair, everyone just LOVE her innocence looking face. Mel is a very sweet girl, she loves to be around us. Look at her beautiful eyes!

Coco is a very lazy dog, she only likes to eat and sleep. Even the hardest treats she can finished in 10 minutes! On the other hand, Momo is a very energize dog, he wants to play every minutes. He would rather play than eat!! That is why he is so skinny...

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